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Our distinctive client service sets us apart and we take pride in it. We, at Earthcare, are confident of providing the best solutions to your business problems, big or small, because we have the wherewithal for it. There are reasons why our firm has witnessed significant growth in size over the past eight years. It is because we believe in the simple truism that in your satisfaction lies our success. Our clients enjoy a service and operating model that can readily be distinguished from that of our competitors.

Please consider the following benefits of selecting our firm:

  • Client-focused service > We offer customized solutions to suit your needs. We rely on our resources to attract clients; we assure specialized service with customized solutions to keep them. We do this by being focused on your specific requirements. Our attention is unflinching, whatever the project duration.
  • Partner-led service > Bold stewardship: Attention to your needs is paramount to us, which is why we believe in the highest levels of engagement. Our partner-led service approach ensures a work ethic that has our most experienced practitioners leading from the front. Our partners are empowered and engaged. Your engagement leader will be your central point of contact for all your needs.
  • Wealth of experience > You are in safe hands: Our confidence springs from experience. Our top- down, partner-led operating model ensures that the most experienced personnel are at the engagement. Our teams have more senior experience built into them because of a tighter leverage model than our competition. Clients recognize this difference through our understanding of their businesses and our ability to bring meaningful ideas to the table.
  • Inclusive and efficient > Effective and timely delegation: Building upon the empowerment and experience of our engagement leaders, our customized service approach percolates down to each team member engaged with you on a day-today basis. Each practitioner is informed and proactive. Our operating model has adopted a successful approach to problem solving through our close, collaborative style of functioning and the ability to reach consensus quickly.
  • Integrated service lines > We do not expect our clients to come to us with specific problems requiring linear solutions. We understand that you deal with complex and multi- pronged issues while running your business. You don't need us for simple solutions; you need us because we provide holistic solutions. We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach to address your business needs. We believe when you hire us you hire the whole firm, not just a team.
  • Quality Assurance > Quality is not an option, it's a requirement: To us, compromising on quality is compromising our reputation and we take our reputation seriously. Our quality controls are pressed into action the moment we engage with you. We will engage with you only if we are confident that we have the wherewithal to fulfil your requirements without sacrificing quality and our commitment to excellence. We monitor quality as an ongoing part of all our engagements.Adherence to quality is a proviso built into our employee performance review

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